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Monster- WDM

Monster- WDM
Main characters:
Steve Harmon: 16, male, black: main character, on trial for being a lookout to a robbery/murder case
Kathy O’Brien: Steve Harmon’s defense attorney, indecisive to whether or not Steve is guilty
Sandra Petrocelli: Assistant District Attorney who prosecutes Steve and James. She brands them “Monsters” in court.
James King: the defendant who encouraged Steve to be involved in the robbery and the one responsible for the murder.
Richard "Bobo" Evans: the defendant who planned the robbery. The prosecution uses his testimony in an effort to put King and Steve in jail.
Asa Briggs: James King’s defense attorney
The Judge: Trial judge, 60 yrs. old
Osvaldo Cruz: 14 yrs. Old. Hispanic. Tatted. Belongs to Los Diablos gang
José Delgado: drugstore clerk
Sal Zinzi: a nervous man, slightly overweight, who sells stolen goods.
Wendell Bolden: a boy in jail due to numerous crimes: b&e, possession of and intent to sell drugs. Called to trial for additional info on Steve and witnesses.

Introspection: Steve must come to terms with his own identity. He accomplishes this throughout the novel in his journal entries which he makes during his time in jail awaiting trial.
Peer Pressure: This theme is the basis for how he ended up in his current situation. Had he not given into the peer pressure by James King he wouldn’t have been involved with the robbery that led to the death of the store clerk.
Humanity/self-acceptance/quest for identity: Steve is called a "monster" by the Prosecutor at the beginning of the novel and Steve grapples with the question of whether or not he is monstrous for his actions in the robbery. He is constantly reflecting upon this in his journal entries. The word can also be found scribbled faintly and scratched out on pages of the novel itself.
Important Events:
Jerry/Steve discuss being super heroes and removing the bad guys (ironic)
Steve arrested for involvement to the robber/murder and put on trial
Steve’s decision to write his trial experience into a screenplay, he is an aspiring film maker
Steve receives support from his family, they visit him in jail. Family goes through turmoil.
O’Brien teaches Steve the cup technique for his answering methods in trial
Mr. S (Steve’s former teacher ) comes to stand and answers questions about Steve
No hints as to whether Steve is guilty or innocent until the end of the novel

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